Web Security Fundamentals

Learn (and apply!) concepts that 99% of developers struggle with!

Understand Web Security model

Get confidence in building applications diving deep into the Web Security model.

  • Understand the lurking dangers and risks
  • Lock the website content with build-in policies
  • Relax restrictions only when necessary
  • Develop with maximum security and peace of mind

Play with real code examples

Gain total clarity with LABS presenting underlying concepts with practical examples (see it in action).
  1. Watch the explanation videos
  2. Download source code
  3. Run the examples
  4. Hit DevTools to analyze in-depth
  5. Apply in your projects

Protect your customers

Hackers are trying to break into Web-based systems over the Internet on daily basis. Unfortunately, when security is neglected they often succeed. That results in significant financial losses, not to mention reputation damage for the companies. 😵
Step ahead and become a security hero! 🦸‍♂️

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