Terms and Conditions

of participating in on-line Programs

Who is the Programs Provider?

The Provider of the Programs (“the Provider” or “We”) is: Premium Software Consulting Bartosz Pietrucha, with its registered business address in: Zielińskiego street 36/36, 53-543 Wroclaw, Poland, tax identification number: PL 7511701210. 

Who may register for participating in the Program?

Each natural person, having full legal capacity or legal entity recognizable as subject of laws and obligation may register for participating in the Program (“Registration) within the time specified by the Provider (“Registration period”) – using a registration forms available under the following address: http://dev-academy.teachable.com. To register for the Program you have to accept these Terms and Conditions (T&C) and Privacy Policy (under the address: https://dev-academy.teachable.com/p/privacy). You will be referred to in this T&C as “You” or “the Participant”.

Please note that registering the Program you enter into a legally binding Agreement on participation in the Program between you and the Provider, under which we are obliged to give you access to the Program materials and you are obliged to make payment („the Agreement”). The content of this Agreement is regulated by this T&C and in the matters not regulated therein – by provisions of law applicable according to §15. The Agreement is concluded at the moment of your payment for the participation of the Program.

If you wish to participate in the Program outside of the Registration period, you can subscribe to a Waiting List. Being on the waiting list, you receive at your email address (provided by you while subscribing to a waiting list) a message from us about the date of the next edition of the Program.

How does the Program look like?

Each on-line Program is based on an e-learning approach (“the Program”). Each Program may cover different subjects, but all of them have the following characteristics:

  1. The Programs are performed in editions (“Program Edition”), which means there is defined start and end of each Program;
  2. The Program consists of the following materials (“the Program Materials”):
  3. Video-lessons available on-demand on the platform (“the Platform”);
  4. Live video-sessions organized on an online meeting platform. The number of live video-sessions is determined by each Program edition. After registration to the program you will be informed about the exact date and time of each live video-session. During the live video-sessions we will be discussing current topics related to matters presented in the video-lessons. The sessions are organized for the whole group of participants of Program Edition. Each Participant may join the live video-session during its time and leave anytime.
  5. Slack.com workspace for all participants from all the editions of the given Program. Each Program has its own workspace. During the Program Edition you can discuss with other Participants of the Program and ask questions to Provider.

How can I access the video lessons?

Each Program’s video-lessons are available on-demand (via streaming) on teachable.com platform (“the Platform”). Please note, it is forbidden to download the video-lessons under the legal obligations of this Agreement. The Program’s video-lessons are available for an unlimited period. However, please note that we reserve the right to delete the Program’s video-lessons from the Platform in whole or in part after the Program finishes, so we strongly recommend to watch all Program’s video-lessons before the end of the Program.

How can I pay for the participation in the Program?

To pay for the Program you have to pay by valid credit/debit-card (“the Card”). Please note that it is strictly forbidden to use Card, which does not belong to you. Please check thoroughly all personal data and Card details provided during the payment. 

The payments will be serviced by the Teachable.com – Techable Inc. 16W, 22nd Street, 6th Floor, New York, New York 10010, according to the Terms of use of the platform teachble.com available here: https://teachable.com/terms-of-use. We do not bear responsibility for operator the platform teachable.com and credit-card operators. 

What are technical requirements to participate in the Program?

Please note, that this is an e-learning program and you shall have the proper technical equipment and software to enjoy it in full. The minimal requirements to make payment for the Program and participate in are the following:

  1. PC Computer, Mac or similar one with the operating system (Windows, Mac OS, Windows) or another device with the function of Internet connection and Internet browsing (mobile phone, smartphone);
  2. correct and properly configured email account. Please note that you are obliged to provide the correct email address. We will not take any responsibility for incorrect email addresses. You may change your email to which we communicate with you only at your special request, subject to our thorough examination;
  3. Internet browser: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome (processing HTML documents, approving Cookies and enabling JavaScript support is a requirement for internet browser configuration);
  4. fast and uninterrupted Internet access;
  5. loudspeakers (to listen to voice materials and participate in live-sessions);
  6. microphone (to participate in live-sessions)

We do not take any responsibility for not meeting our technical requirements by you. 

Money-back guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the Program you can resign from participation during 30 days from the moment of your payment for the Program and get your money back. It is not possible to resign after 30 days from the moment of your payment.

If you wish to resign, please notify us by e-mail to the following address: [email protected] Please note, the moment of resignation, you will be deprived of access to the Platform and you neither have access to Program Materials nor can participate in live video-sessions.

What responsibilities do I have participating in the Program?

By registering to the Program and making payment you will be required to provide certain information such as your address, billing information, e-mail address. You represent and warrant that all such information is accurate, and you shall ensure that such information is kept current. We shall have no responsibility or liability for inaccurate information or information that later becomes outdated and shall have no obligation to make efforts to determine the correct contact information. You can update your information at any time by sending us an e-mail to: [email protected], however please notify that changing of email is subject to special procedure described above for the reasons of security. 

Once you place your order, your order is final, noncancelable and nonrefundable, except as specified in these T&C and the applicable terms of sale.

Intellectual property

All intellectual and industrial property embodied in the Course, including copyrights and related rights, trademarks and other, in particular in video lessons and video live-sessions shall be our sole ownership. By buying the Program you do not acquire any license or intellectual or industrial property rights to the Program, video lessons or live-sessions. You may just use the Program on your own personal use. IT IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN to give any other person access to the Program in whole or in part, in particular sending the course materials to your friends, relatives or clients, publishing or disseminating it or using in any way or method other than solely and exclusively for personal use. Please remember that breaking this provision may lead to legal responsibility for copyright or intellectual property rights infringement.


The information you provide for the Participation in the Program are subject to our Privacy Policy found here https://dev-academy.teachable.com/p/privacy


If you are not a consumer, our liability is limited only to the cases of our intentional fault. If you are a consumer, our liability is limited only to the case of our fault. 

We also bear no responsibility for the effectiveness of teaching and learning using the Program. We are responsible only for the correct process of making the Program Materials available to you. We are not responsible for the consequences of using the Program. In particular, we are not responsible for:

  1. incompliance of the Program with your expectations;
  2. learning outcomes using the Program, in particular we cannot guarantee that participating in the Program and applying techniques, skills and knowledge gained in the Program will result in safety and security of applications or software created or to be created by you
  3. possible parenting or behavioral problems of Participants related to the Program; 
  4. decisions based on the Program – e.g. financial decisions in the field of education, raising children and other forms of your activity;
  5. lack of learning progress; 
  6. non-compliance of the views presented in the Program with your views, requirement of teachers, school or university or other program requirements.

To the full extent permitted by binding law (including consumer protection provisions) we are not liable for any actions or damages resulting from:

  1. not adjusting to the technical requirements described in §7;
  2. impossibility of accessing the Program for reasons beyond our control;
  3. force majeure, wars, terrorist attack, fire, flood in server room, hackers attack, failures, pandemic, reasons on the part of access providers, failures of hardware or software of the Users, failure in server rooms, reasons on the part of other third parties (entities providing telecommunications, hosting, bank, postal, courier, e-mail, registration and keeping domains services and other similar services, entity operating payment process);
  4. illicit usage by you or other persons;
  5. malicious or violating the law acts or omissions of every Internet user;
  6. reasons on the part of your software;
  7. rejecting emails by email servers as a result of filters, blocks or failures;
  8. designation of our e-mails or your e-mails as a spam by e-mail operator;
  9. any damage borne by you as a result of using by you unprotected and deprived of antivirus software computer connected to the Internet, in particular for breaking into a system used by the User and e-mail, password or username acquisition by a third party or virus infection of computer system of the User;

We are not liable for lost profits (lucrum cessans). 


This Agreement and all legal relations resulting from this Agreement are subject to Polish law. All disputes arising from above shall be settled exclusively by Polish courts proper for Wrocław, Ponad.